Kinds of Arduino

If you read a lot of information about the advancement of technology, you probably know about Arduino, or at least you’ve heard about it. In simple terms, Arduino is a small device with a simple design but multifunction. Moreover, Arduino’s software is free and open source, and it is not just limited to software but hardware as well. For Arduino’s hardware, they are relatively cheap, affordable, and not too expensive to buy. Well, Arduino is interesting, right? I’m also a bit interested, but I’m not a programmer or wanted to be one. I only want to talk about the kinds of Arduino that are available in this article.

Kinds of Arduino

Kinds of Arduino

Arduino Uno

From many kinds of Arduino, Arduino Uno is the most selling, and most people will use it. For the reasons, Arduino Uno is easy to use, and it has many port slots, especially for your projects. Arduino Uno has 14 pins of I/O and 6 analog pins. For the connection, it is easy because you only need a USB cable.

Arduino Nano

If the budget is what you tried to keep at a minimum, then Arduino Nano is the best answer for you. Arduino Nano has more port slots than Arduino Uno. It has 14 pins of I/O and 8 analog pins.

You can do anything and creatively with this Arduino. Arduino Nano usually uses ATMEGA168 or ATMEGA328.

Arduino Mega

You have a lot of projects, and they are complex? This kind will be suitable for your needs, especially if you are an expert on robotic purposes. However, it is not recommended for beginners to use Arduino Mega.

The benefits of Arduino Mega is higher and more complex than the previous ones because it has more port slots that can be used. For the chip, it is also higher. Arduino Mega uses ATMEGA2560.

Kinds of Arduino

Kinds of Arduino

Arduino Leonardo

Arduino Leonardo is actually a long lost twin of Arduino Uno. The specifications of Arduino Leonardo are the same as Arduino Uno, but for the connection, Arduino Leonardo uses Micro USB.

Arduino Due

If you are already an expert about Arduino products, then you can switch into the professional one, the Arduino Due. If the previous one uses ATMEGA as its chip, then Arduino Due uses ARM Cortex. Fun facts, there are many kinds of smartphones that use this Arduino.